Leitrim Gardai record drop in number of assaults but rise in public order and criminal damage

Leitrim’s Garda Superintendent has revealed a significant increase in the number of public order and criminal damage offences this year compared to 2018 figures.

Superintendent Kevin English, speaking at a Joint Policing Meeting, also claimed that to date in 2019, there has been a drop in the number of assaults reported to Gardai.

The first meeting of a new five year term of Leitrim’ s Joint Policing Committee took place on Monday afternoon in Carrick On Shannon.

Superintendent Kevin English, in a presentation to the committee, revealed that the Garda Commissioner is now looking to compile crime statistics over a three year period to get a better sense of trends and local policing challenges.

In 2019 so far, according to the Garda chief, there have been 95 assaults reported across County Leitrim, a drop from the 107 reported up to the same period last year.

Of those incidents, 49 were reported in Carrick On Shannon with public order offences in the overall county up 97 on figures for last year.

Leitrim’s criminal damage figures are also up by 51 on twelve months ago.

The meeting heard that two new probationary Gardai had started in Carrick On Shannon this week, and nine new Gardai had entered the Sligo-Leitrim division in the last two years.

Sligo Leitrim Chief Superintendent Aidan Glacken also told the meeting that in relation to additional resources he only had “so much of the cake” and that it had to be sliced in certain ways to deal with resourcing issues as they arose.

His comments came after questions from Councillors in north Leitrim who were anxious to see additional Gardai stationed in the county.