Leitrim County Council paid almost €70,000 from sale of graveyard plots since 2017

Leitrim County Council has been paid almost €70,000 (€69,250.00) from the sale of plots in cemeteries since 2017,

According to information released to Shannonside FM, 22 plots remain unpaid for as of the beginning of this month.

Leitrim County Council charges the public €250 per plot in graveyards across the county with a total of 299 sold between 2017 and September of this year.

In the last three years, a total of €74,750 was due from the sale of plots, with a total of €69,250 paid to the local authority.

Five plots so far this year are unpaid for – with a total of 22 unpaid for since 2017 – including 11 in 2018.

Overall the Council has paid just under two-hundred thousand euro for the upkeep of graveyards and cemeteries since 2017 – with the total costs associated with graveyard caretakers per year just over twenty-one thousand euro.

Capital grants have bene received by Leitrim’s local authority in the last number of years to carry out upgrade works in cemeteries – including €50,000 in 2018 and 2019.]