Leitrim councillor says new roads funding isn’t nearly enough

Leitrim councillors have called for significantly more funding to be allocated for Local Improvement Schemes – despite nearly €500,000 being assigned to the council recently.

In September, the scheme was reinstated after being closed for several years, with €10 million set aside nationally, including €250,000 for Leitrim County Council.

Last week another €237,000 was awarded to the local authority as Rural and Community Development Minister Michael Ring announced a further national tranche of €7.4 million.


The scheme provides for the repair and improvement of small roads and laneways leading to people’s homes and business that aren’t normally the responsibility of local authorities.

At a recent Leitrim council budget meeting, director of services Shay O’Connor confirmed the two allocations would allow for only 10 per cent – or 18 – of its applications to be addressed.

Local Fine Gael councillor John McCartin insists more funding is urgently required.