Leitrim Council unveil ambitious plans for old jail site

Leitrim County Council is to seek approval for a major refurbishment of one of the county’s most famous historical sites.

At this month’s meeting of the local authority, which is due to take place next Monday, councillors will be asked to approve a plan to extend the current Aras Chontae offices in Carrick-on-Shannon, which will include a refurbishment of the Old Jail premises.

The council proposes to construct a two-storey office building and demolish a shed structure and a lean-to extension at the Gate Lodge as well as upgrading the old jail to create a new public space linking the facility to the current council offices.

It is also planned to open an existing blind archway in the east stone boundary wall to the Dock and St George’s terrace as well as developing additional car parking spaces.

Sean Gill, who is a member of the Carrick-on-Shannon Historical society, says the old jail area is of huge significance to Leitrim’s history: