Leitrim council still sceptical about Lidl plans for county town

Leitrim County Council remains strongly opposed to Lidl’s proposed new store in Carrick-on-Shannon – despite new assurances from the supermarket giant.

In a submission to An Bord Pleanála, the local authority says it remains sceptical about the plan to turn the existing store into a car sales showroom and gym.

It fears it could continue to be a Lidl supermarket, meaning there’d be two stores in the town.


Lidl is appealing to An Bord Pleanála against Leitrim County Council’s decision to refuse it planning permission to develop a store at the Dublin Road in Carrick-on-Shannon, near Tesco and Aldi.

It says it’d close its existing store at Cortober and turn it into a car sales showroom and gym.

In Lidl’s appeal, it includes a contract for the sale of its existing store to Andrew Creighton, of car dealership Draytons.co.uk, in trust, as the council claimed it had no viable proposal for this building.

It hopes this will provide enough assurance that its the long-term use of the building is assured.

But, in its submission, the council remains concerned about the long-term plan for this building.

It notes the building is being sold in trust, with no confirmation the purchaser is a car dealership, nor any assurance it would be turned into a car sales showroom and gym.

The council claims that even if it the contract was included in the planning application to the local authority, permission would still have been refused.

The council says it fears the existing store could, in fact, continue to be a Lidl supermarket, with insufficient guarantees from the chain that it wouldn’t be the case.

It claims that if that the case, there would be too much retail floor space in Carrick.

Mr Creighton has previously told Shannonside FM he doesn’t wish to comment as this is a commercial deal, while An Bord Pleanála is due to make a decision on the application by December 11th.