Leitrim cathaoirleach highest earner in local councils

The cathaoirleach of Leitrim county council was the Shannonside region’s best-paid councillor last year, earning more than €40,000.

Seán McGowan earned more than the highest earners in Roscommon and Longford, with Ivan Connaughton and Luie McEntire receiving €39,000 and €37,000 respectively.

Leitrim’s 18 councillors were paid a total of €520,000 in payments, allowances and expenses in 2018.


Fianna Fáil councillor McGowan got €40,500, including €10,000 for being the cathaoirleach for the latter six months of the year and €2,000 for being the leas-cathaoirleach earlier in the year.

He succeeded Fine Gael’s Finola Armstrong-McGuire as the council’s chairman – she was the second-highest paid last year, at nearly €39,000, including nearly €4,000 in foreign-travel expenses.

Her party colleague Frank Dolan was the next highest earner, receiving nearly €35,000, including the standard representational payment of €16,875 and €2,600 in training expenses.

The lowest-paid councillor last year Independent Des Guckian, at €22,700.

A full list is available on our website.