LE19: Paddy O’Rourke looks set to top poll in Ballinamore

Outgoing Fianna Fail Counillor Paddy O’Rourke looks like he has secured a huge vote in the Ballinamore M.D as tallying continuing this morning.

The Carrigallen Councilor will topp the poll with over 1,000 first preference votes and could have a 300-plus vote surplus.

Caillian Ellis has also performed well, and looks set to also retain his seat.

The quota looks set to be 935 votes.

Ita Reynolds Fynn and Paddy Gilhooley have also done well in the tally

The Tally has now been completed and looks like this

The  completed Tally looks like

O’Rourke FF  1359

Ellis         FF   950

Barry SF 765

McGloin  FG 749

Reynolds-Flynn FG 697

Gilhooley SF 640

Dolan  Ind 565

Barry SF 283

Wynne Ind 403

Mulvey SF 339

O’Dwyer Renua   43

O’Brien Ind   27