Heartbreak for Leitrim curlew project with death of chicks just days after hatching

Heartbreak has been expressed by a curlew conservation project after a number of new chicks died just days after hatching in the south Leitrim areas.

The Irish Breeding Curlew EIP celebrated last weekend that two breeding pairs of the endangered species had hatched chicks from the current six pairs living in the Shannonside region.

However, it was discovered this week that the chicks had lost their lives to natural predators.

Despite the disappointment, it’s hoped that other curlew pairs may hatch some chicks after four chicks hatched in 2019.

Kathryn Finney, Project Manager The Irish Breeding Curlew EIP, says losing chicks is very common and they face huge challenges trying to boost their population:

You can hear the full chat with Kathyrn, and Kevin McGillicuddy here: