General election candidate says no way to make the job work with young family

Sligo councillor Sinead Maguire says it was some very real physical barriers that led to her decision not to go forward as a general election candidate for Fine Gael in the next election.

Councillor Maguire who was selected as a candidate to run in the Sligo/Leitrim constituency at a convention in July of 2018 announced today that she wouldn’t be going forward.

Speaking today on the Let’s Talk show, the Fine Gael councillor admitted she’d been surprised to even get through the selection convention on the night.


She says when she thought about the situation at length she’d realised that even if she got elected to the Dail, there was no way she could make the job work with a young family.

The Fine Gael councillor says there’s no obvious answer to how the Dail can be made more family friendly.