GE20: Know your candidates for Sligo-Leitrim-North Roscommon-South Donegal

The countdown is on to GE2020 on Shannonside FM and we’ve put together a list of information on candidates to help you, the voter, make up your mind in the race for the 33rd Dail in Sligo-Leitrim-North Roscommon-South Donegal.

Below you will find candidates answering questions about their personal life as well as what they might hope to achieve if they get elected to Leinster House on February 8th.

Shannonside FM contacted all candidates by email to submit their information – so if a candidate is not included and would like to be they can get in touch with our newsroom at [email protected] to get a copy of the candidates’ form in order to be included.


The candidates are also collated here in no particular order.

Name: Cllr Thomas Walsh


Address: Ballygawley, Sligo

Contact Details:

Instagram: @campaignforthomas

Facebook: Councillor Thomas Walsh

Email: [email protected]

Party/Non-Party: Fine Gael

Age: 34

Director of Elections:

John Gethins

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Elected Sligo County Council 24th May 2019,

Highest first preference % Fine Gael vote in Sligo.

Worked in Dail 2011 and a Parliamentary Assistant from 2015

Occupation: Public Representative

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

17 community and voluntary groups

Eg Secretary of St Michaels GAA

Club Dev Officer Ballygawley Celtic

Board Member Coola Post Primary School

Election Priorities: Why people should vote for you?:

With the start of a new decade, its time for a new generation to represent the constituency in Dail Eireann. As a candidate with direct personal experience of the economic and life experiences of the younger voter demographic, I will bring a broader and more relevant understanding of the issues of the day for all citizens to the election campaign and to Dail Eireann.

I have the energy, sense of initiative, enthusiasm and commitment to serving the needs and interests of our communities. I have the political skills to be a successful candidate and to being a new and effective constituency representative. I have a sense of optimism and ambition to work through any obstacle and achieve a solution. I am part of the solutions team.

What will you do if elected?:

My top and enduring priority is to ensure that our constituency becomes the major growth centre for the North West. The next 5 years will be the most important years for the future development of NW Ireland.

We have to play catch up with the east coast success and achieve balanced regional development. Building this outcome will require high-quality employment, new residential and commercial development, major investment in infrastructure and improved health care and education services.

Any additional information/comment:

I am ambitious for this constituency. My campaign focus is on explaining to voters that I am the candidate of the 2020 decade. My top priority will be to deliver on behalf of the citizens of the constituency. My pledge is that I will work tirelessly and passionately to advance the interests of the people of the constituency.

Name: Nessa Cosgrove


Address: Cartron Point, Sligo

Contact Details:

Facebook: Nessa Cosgrove

Twitter: Cosgrovenessa

Instagram: Nessacosgrove

Party: The Labour Party

Age: 44

Director of Elections: Marcella McGarry

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Ran as a candidate in local elections Sligo- Strandhill May 2019. Eliminated on the last count.

Occupation: Youth Worker

Family Details:

Husband, Conor. Three children.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:


Election Priorities:

I will continue to promote this region as an alternative and viable place to grow up and grow old in. I will ensure that job growth is encouraged in a sustainable way, to ensure that the people that are lucky enough to live here can also work here, in a healthy and inclusive environment.

I will ensure that there is balanced regional development across the country by being a strong voice in advocating for necessary and adequate funding and support for this region to ensure that new life and opportunities can return back to towns and villages across these four counties.

Why people should vote for you?:

I am a very enthusiastic, approachable, honest and hardworking woman. I will stand up for what is right and will represent all people from all backgrounds and from all communities. I have a strong track record of getting things done in an effective and inclusive way by working in partnership with various voluntary, community and statutory organisations.

Through my work as a Youth Liaison Worker I am very aware of the gaps within service provision but as an experienced community activist and trade unionist I am used to campaigning in ways that will bring about positive changes to our individual lives and to our community. I think we in this area should get our fair share of the pie. We live in the most amazing place in the world but this entire region has been neglected for years.

I think a key priority is ensuring that all developments in this area are made in measured and considerate way; by supporting and encouraging diversification of the rural economy and a commitment to sustainable job creation.

As a working mother with three children I will be a realistic and relevant voice in representing people as I am very aware of the changes needed to improve the overall everyday quality of ordinary peoples lives. When you vote for Labour you know what you are getting – a commitment to quality public services.

What will you do if elected?:

Introduce a nationwide rent freeze. Ban the importation of fracked gas. Widespread investment in public transport across the region and reduce public transport costs. Gradually end the contracting out of services by the HSE and Tusla. Campaign to reduce third level- educational fees. Support IT Sligo in its bid to gain university status.

Increase resources for SEN in post-primary schools in the region. Keep the pension age at 66. Introduce a Living Wage. Increased investment in early-years education.. Build social and affordable houses on public land.

Investment in free mental health services for young people. Implement SlainteCare. Explore ways to set up and implement community energy, community banking and community insurance schemes.

Any additional information/Comment:

I couldn’t sit back anymore and watch the housing crisis spiral out of control, I couldn’t sit back anymore and watch the grave environmental crises accelerate without any real measures being put in place to try and reverse it, I couldn’t sit back anymore and watch public money being wasted and watch waiting lists for medical and educational appointments grow longer and longer.

I wanted a stronger voice for myself, for my children, for my community and for our world, so I joined the Labour Party in 2016 whose members share my vision of a fair and just society, where everyone should be given a fair shot and where people of all ages, colours, creed, culture, ability are given a fair and equal chance of reaching their full potential.

I stood in the local elections in May 2019 in the Sligo- Strandhill and although I was unsuccessful in gaining a seat, I was very encouraged by the support that I received on the doors and in the ballot. I think the people of the Northwest want progressive policies and want progressive people to represent them in the Dail and to make a break away from the old allegiances of civil war politics.

Name: Bernie O’ Hara


Address: Dromahair, Co Leitrim

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Facebook: Bernie O Hara

Party/Non Party: Independent

Director of Elections: Íde O Hara,

Political Career/Involvement to date:

I stood for the first time in the General Election in 2016 as a complete newcomer. I was not in a position to canvass at the time, but received over 1,200 first preference votes, which was a strong return for a first-time independent candidate.

Occupation: Management Consultant. Editor and publisher of the Medjugorje Messenger.

Family Details:

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

Election Priorities:

Originally from Glenfarne, Co Leitrim, I live in Dromahair, with my husband Martin. I believe a just society should recognise and defend the life and dignity of each human being from conception to natural death, which must include the right of every family to have their own home, of each person to employment and a fair wage, and access to all services necessary for normal living in the 21st century, including decent medical and home care services.

I believe people are our greatest asset. It’s the people who have built the country and provide the money to pay for every service in this country.

We elect TDs to run the country on our behalf and serve the needs of the people. But the situation at the moment is that party leaders make all the decisions, TDs within parties at local level seem to have no voice, and this is borne out by the fact that Dublin is growing and rural Ireland is being decimated.

Why people should vote for you?

Restrictive planning laws, forestry, and lack of services all contribute to the decline in rural areas.

Businesses will base themselves in areas where there is a decent level of infrastructure and services, such as hospitals, schools, sports facilities, broadband, and suitable housing, for their staff.

In order to stop the decline, we need to remove the restrictive planning laws and invest in the services that attract businesses.

Farmers are being bullied into below-cost selling to large supermarkets and factories; I believe this should be made illegal.

The grants available for forestry should also be available for young farmers who wish to buy land, as they are being priced out of the market by investors buying land for forestry due to the tax incentives available.

Many patients fall through the cracks after receiving initial treatment. A designated counsellor should be available to keep regular contact with people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness on a regular basis after being discharged.

What will you do if elected?

Our money is being used irresponsibly, and billions of euros are wasted while thousands are homeless, the health services is in crisis, and many families find it difficult to make ends meet. There is no real opposition to this. We need a strong, capable and willing voice to speak up for the people, someone with the desire and ability to find solutions to problems, and implement them.

As an independent candidate who will work for and answer to you, I am asking for your number 1 vote.

Any additional information/Comment:

I believe that I have something different to offer in that I am not more of the ‘same old party politics’, but rather someone who will work for and answer directly to her constituents, not a party leader. I don’t believe in merely reaming off a list of problems with the country, but rather in finding workable solutions and implementing them.

Name: Declan Bree


ADDRESS: High Street, Sligo.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Declan Bree
Twitter: @Declan_Bree

Party/Non Party: Independents4Change

DIRECTOR OF ELECTIONS: Mr Pat Fallon, Mr Corey Whyte

­ First elected to Sligo County Council in 1974 and has retained his seat at each subsequent election, topping the poll in the most recent Local Elections in May 2014 and May 2019.

Member of Sligo Corporation (Sligo Borough Council) from 1974 until its abolition.

Mayor of Sligo in 2004 and was Chairman of Sligo County Council in 1986.

He served as a Dail Deputy for Sligo/Leitrim from 1992 to 1997.

­ A member of Ireland’s radical socialist youth organisation the Connolly Youth
­ Movement in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, he went on to become National
­ Chairperson of the movement.

A founder and former Chairperson and General Secretary of the Sligo/Leitrim
­ Independent Socialist Organisation.

He was a member of the Labour Party from 1992 until his resignation from the Party
­ in May 2007.

He is the Chairperson of the Sligo branch of People First. He is Secretary of the
­ Gralton Labour History Committee (Leitrim). He is a patron of the People’s
­ Movement – Gluaiseacht an Phobail.

He was a leading activist in the Equality Campaign, the Repeal campaign and in the
­ Right2Water and Right2Change movements

OCCUPATION: Public Representative

He is the current Chairperson of the Tom Stokes branch of the Unite trade union. He is a former member of the Western branch Committee of the Federated Workers Union of Ireland becoming a member of SIPTU on the amalgamation of the FWUI and the ITGWU.
Involved in numerous voluntary and cultural organisations over the years he is a member of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.

Name:   Senator Frank Feighan


Address: Bridge Street, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]



Party/Non Party:      Fine Gael

Age: 57

Director of Elections: Cllr Enda McGloin

Political Career/Involvement to date:

I am very proud to be a public representative for 20 years.

In the Local Government elections of 1999, I topped the poll in Boyle, helping to deliver four out of five seats for Fine Gael. This was not only the best ever result for Fine Gael in the Boyle area but indeed nationally.

Three years later in the Seanad elections, I became the first-ever member of the Oireachtas elected out of the town of Boyle.

In the 2007 General Election in the Roscommon/South Leitrim constituency, I became the first-ever TD from Boyle elected in the history of the State and worked within Fine Gael as a team player helping to deliver two out of three seats for the party.

Again, in the General Election of February 2011, I was elected as the first Fine Gael candidate helping to deliver two out of three seats in the constituency.

I was nominated to the Seanad by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and took up office in May 2016.

Occupation: Full-time public representative.

Family Details:

I am married to Elaine and we have two young children, Francesca and MacDara.

Election Priorities:

There are a number of key priorities. Rural regeneration, employment and continued investment in the region must be placed again at the top of the political agenda. This will also involve the ongoing work to attract large companies to the North-West region, thereby creating more valuable jobs locally to ensure people are not forced on long commutes to work.

Other priorities include healthcare provision, mental health, insurance reform, continued improvement in key infrastructure, housing, protecting farmers incomes and planning difficulties in Leitrim for people who want to live in their county. As a parent of two young children, I also know that that childcare affordability is a crisis for many parents and I want to ensure that this issue will be a top priority for the new Government.

Why people should vote for you?:

As an experienced public representative, I have developed a clear understanding of the challenges and needs of Rural Ireland. I have the experience and a proven track record to continue to bring strong national representation to this region.

I have helped deliver €400m to the region I previously represented, which included South Leitrim. My political base is now in the constituency of Sligo-Leitrim and I want to continue to deliver investment into this constituency with the support of the people.

 What will you do if elected?:  

That is a wide-ranging question. The main objective of any public representative is to work hard to improve the lives of people and broadly speaking, attracting jobs and investment is a fundamental part of that objective. If elected, I will continue to do what I have always have done as a public representative and that is to deliver for the people who have given me the mandate.

I would like to highlight one area which will become more important to Rural Ireland in terms of life/work balance and keeping local economies strong. I believe we need to continue to think global and act local here in this constituency. As a result of Brexit, remote working and remote teams are going to mean big business for Ireland over the next decade. Here in this constituency, I want to use my influence to capitalise on this by building on the National Broadband Plan and the infrastructure already established here in our tech hubs. This can provide local jobs in diverse sectors that will be key to local economic success.

Name: Blaithin Gallagher


Address: Creevelea, Drumkeeran, Co Leitrim

Contact Details:

[email protected],

Twitter:  @blaithinleitrim,

Facebook: @blaithinleitrim

Instagram: @blaithinleitrim

Party/Non Party: Green Party

Age: 55

Director of Elections:

Michael Ewing Knockvicar,

Political Career/Involvement to date:

First time candidate for General Election 2020. I ran unsuccessfully in the Manorhamilton district for the Green Party in the local election May 2019. I am National Coordinator Green Party Ireland.


I have worked all my adult life in the community & voluntary sector, with the arts, people with disability and older people. My career spans art and science. I completed a PhD at the School of Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast. I have worked extensively in EU funded project management, and research on ageing and disability. I currently work and as an Independent Research Consultant.

Family Details:

I grew up in Mohill, Co Leitrim  in a farming family where my father was a vet, I now live in Creevelea, near Drumkeeran, where myself and my husband reared our two children, both now attending third level. I inherited my love for rural Ireland from my parents. I think I inherited my curiosity from my mother, who still lives in Mohill.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

I am editor of the unique annual the Leitrim Guardian, Ireland’s oldest and only county journal produced and published by voluntary effort since 1968.  I am also Chair of The Model, home of the Niland Art Collection, contemporary arts gallery and venue in Sligo. I am chair of the Leitrim Environmental Network. Last year I was elected as Chair of the National Executive of the Green Party Ireland and I am also its National Coordinator.

Election Priorities:

If elected, I will ensure public participation, full consultation, regarding social, economic and environmental decision-making for the wellbeing of our community. Together we will build a strong green voice to safeguard the environment and protect biodiversity. Whatever government we elect, I will provide a strong rural voice to ensure it looks after this country, and our land for future generations. My initial fight will be to support an accessible health service, productive and biodiverse farming, sustainable forestry and increased public transport in our constituency.

My Five Top Priorities – 5P’s

People Create communities that are fair and inclusive, especially of our most vulnerable

PlanetPush for immediate action to respond to the climate and biodiversity crises

Partnership Involve people in making decisions relevant to their lives

Peace Address the root causes of crime and conflict in our communities

ProsperityWork with farm families to secure their incomes. Incentivise small business and farmers to transition to a green economy; develop tourism; provide apprenticeship programmes; support local creativity.

Why people should vote for you?:

I’m not afraid to speak the truth or tackle issues head on. Sustainable livelihoods & communities, change to the forestry model, new agriculture opportunities to support farmers to innovate, protect our land, and increase biodiversity, will be to the forefront of my work. The middle child of nine, I am an experienced negotiator and a qualified mediator and these are skills I will use on your behalf if I you elect me to the Dail. Want Green – Vote  Green. 

What will you do if elected?

The Green Party has a holistic vision for Ireland. We understand that no single problem can be solved in isolation. The long term potential impact of all decisions in other areas must be taken into account. If elected to the Dáil my decision making will revolve around my five priorities mentioned above:

1 People – I will work to create inclusive communities and revitalise our villages and towns.

  1. Planet – I will instigate fair and just immediate action re climate and biodiversity emergencies. 
  2. Prosperity. I will work with farm families, small businesses and sole traders to incentivise a green economy.  I will work to ensure the people of rural Ireland enjoy a decent quality of life.
  3. Peace – I will work across departments to address the root causes of crime and conflict.
  4. Partnership – Consultation with people and creating partnerships is to the core of all my work. I will involve all people in making decisions relevant to their lives while leaving no one behind. 

Want Green? Vote Green. Vote for change.

Name: Gino O’Boyle



Stephen McDonagh Place

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Party/Non Party: People Before Profit

Age: 35

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Gino has served on Sligo County Council since the passing of his father in 2015 and was elected Mayor of the Borough Council in June 2019.

Gino has a long record of local activism. He was involved in Right 2 Water, the Marriage Equality Campaign and was the first Councillor in Ireland to have a successful motion passed in support of Repealing the Eight Amendment.
Occupation: Security

Family Details: Son of Seamie O’Boyle who was a councillor for PBP on Sligo County Council until 2015.

Gino is married to Donna, an intellectual disability nurse, and lives in the Northside Area of Sligo Town.
Membership of Clubs/Organisations: 

Gino is also heavily involved in his local Northside Community Centre and in local football, playing and managing Glenview Stars.

Election Priorities:

Housing for all – Scrap the increase in council rents, replace the property tax with a vacant site levy, clear local authority waiting lists, write a bill to lower mortgages if elected.

Healthcare – Restore services to Sligo General Hospital, lobby GP’s to offer abortion services in the North West, improve parks for recreation and exercise. Free fruit and veg in local schools.

Post OfficesReopen post offices closed by Fine Gael. 

Climate MeasuresSligo and Leitrim need more buses and lower fares. Farmers need state support to reduce emissions and the constituency needs the Western Rail corridor.

Autism Services – We need autism units and sensory spaces in local community centres.

Why people should vote for you?: 

A vote for me is a vote to break the cycle of Fianna Fail and Fine Geal. Those parties have been in government for 80 years and left far too many people struggling with bad public services and a lack of money to meet their basic needs. Unlike the other opposition parties, People Before Profit will never prop up the establishment parties. Instead, we will work hard to create a progressive government in this country and continue to build grassroots movements for real change in people’s lives.

A vote for me is also a vote for someone with a track record. Over the last 5 years I have played an active role in the fight for water rights, for LGBT rights and for women’s rights. I was also the first Cllr to have a motion passed in support of Repeal the 8th and I have worked with students to help build the climate strikes locally. Finally, a vote for Gino O’ Boyle is a vote for an activist who treats all people equally and fights for a society that puts people’s basic needs before the profits of big business.

What will you do if elected?: 

I will continue to work hard for my community and for the people of Sligo – Leitrim – South Donegal – North Roscommon. I will build people power movements outside the Dáil and be a voice for those movements inside. People Before Profit TD’s have an excellent track record of fighting for progressive legislation in the Dáil be it on women’s rights, water charges, housing and climate change. If elected we will continue to fight for change that will make the lives of ordinary people better.

Any additional information/Comment:

A vote for Gino O’ Boyle is a vote to break the cycle of FF and FG and take back your future. Vote Gino O’ Boyle No 1 on February 8th.

Name: Marian Harkin


Address: Kevinsfort Heath, Sligo

Contact Details:

Twitter: @marianharkin


Party/Non Party: Independent

Age: 66

Director of Elections 

Micheal Gilmartin

Political Career/Involvement to date:

1999 European Elections – not elected, 3 seats, came 4th .

2002 – elected to Dail Eireann as a TD for Sligo/Leitrim.

2004-2009 -2014, elected as an MEP representing initially 11 counties and in 2014 15 counties (this included all the border counties from Donegal to Louth, all of Connacht, 4 counties of the Midlands, Meath and Kildare.


Former Teacher & Public Representative

Family Details:

Widowed, 2 sons, James and John, one grandson Dylan. I am the oldest of 8 children and my mother is still hale and hearty at 93. I have lived most of my life in Sligo, but also lived in Manorhamilton for 11 years where my late husband, Sean Harkin, opened a supermarket and subsequently a taxi business.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

Member of Eurocarers, the European organisation representing Family Carers.

Election Priorities:

Our fair share of economic development to the regions This includes the implementation of the Government plan for Sligo as a Growth Centre to deliver development to Sligo, Leitrim, North Roscommon, South Donegal. This will include the provision of high-speed broadband and further upgrading of infrastructure within the Region. I will also work to put in place incentives for small business and self-employed in our rural towns. The delivery of homecare packages, incentives for rural GPs, more frontline health staff and extra support for family carers, including better respite services are among my priorities.

I will support the financing of Local Authorities to play a major role in delivering social housing and work to ensure the implementation and financing of Slaintecare, which will deliver better access to healthcare. It is vital that we find sustainable ways of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and there is burden sharing between all sectors.

Why people should vote for you?:

I can bring experience, energy and huge commitment with a people centred approach. I am hardworking and will be responsive to the needs of my constituents. As well as pursuing economic development, I will also continue my work to support Family Carers and People with Disabilities, while working to ensure increased investment in housing and healthcare, including mental health services.  As a former teacher I recognise the value of education and the support of all those who deliver

Furthermore, education provision at all levels, must be adequately funded I stand on my record in the European Parliament of delivering for Workers, Farmers, Carers, Credit Union members, Youth Employment initiatives, Redundant Workers, Community Groups and Volunteers and Health initiatives, protection of Biodiversity and commitment to Climate Change initiatives.

What will you do if elected?:

My top priority will be to influence Government policy to finally deliver a fair share to the Regions. Since my time as Chairperson of The Council for the West, this has been a driving force for me. I now believe there is a real opportunity, looking at the arithmetic of the next Dail to deliver on Balanced Regional Development.

Agriculture and food production are a vital element in the economic and social fabric of this area. I will support the full convergence of CAP payments and a proper Rural Development programme that will offer our farmers the possibility of a decent living and an opportunity to play their role minimising greenhouse gas emissions, sequestering carbon and protecting biodiversity. I will work to ensure the pension age remains at 65 and always seek to defend the interests of my constituents.

Any additional information/Comment:

I have extensive experience at both EU and national levels and I will bring this to bear on helping to resolve the problems and advance the possibilities for the constituency of Sligo/Leitrim.

Name: Paul McWeeney


Address: Carrick on Shannon County Leitrim

Contact Details:

[email protected],


Party/Non Party: The National Party – An Pairti Naisiunta

Age:  33

Director of Elections:

Political Career/Involvement to date: First time Dail candidate

Occupation: Carpenter

Family Details: Married

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

Election Priorities: 

My priorities will be addressing the issues of housing affordability, increased taxation and stagnant wages.

Healthcare waiting lists.The beef farming crisis, Defence services and immigration.

Why people should vote for you?: 

I am not a career politician. I am an ordinary working man who has had enough of the tennis ball politics from successive FF/FG governments that have failed the Irish people and the Irish nation time and again. A vote for me is a vote for real change.

What will you do if elected?:

We have had the ridiculous scenario for the past 4 years of a government with no real opposition in Dail Eireann. If elected I will oppose any and all government policies that are not in the best interest of the Irish people. I will ask the government the tough questions and hold them to account. I will work tirelessly on behalf of my constituents to ensure their concerns get raised at the highest level.

Any additional information/Comment:

An Pairti Naisiunta is an Irish nationalist party dedicated to the fulfillment of the Irish national idea. We believe in the Irish people, our right to exist as a nation and our right to defend and lay claim to our homeland. We seek an Ireland united, Irish and free.

Name: Oisin Ó Dwyer


Address: Drumshanbo County Leitrim

Contact Details: [email protected]

Party/Non Party:Renua


Director of Elections Enda Connolly

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Ballinamore local elections candidate received 43 first preference votes

Occupation: Team leader / retail

Family Details:

Married with two young children

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

Chairman of fundraising Committee for Stepwest in Carrick-on-Shannon

Election Priorities: homeless crisis, controlled immigration strategy, affordable housing, planning permission, additional public services for the most vulnerable people in society protection of our children’s sovereignty.

Why people should vote for you?:

I will bring the constituents a commonsense approach that does not presently exist within politics. I’m open-minded and willing to listen to them. I have experienced the current issues that we the citizens of this country have been burdened with and I want to bring more decisions to the people as their representative.

What will you do if elected?: I will work on solutions to affordable housing and planning permission, controlled immigration into Ireland and additional services for our most vulnerable citizens. The protection of our children’s sovereignty.

Name: Martin Kenny


Address: Cloonsarne, Aughavas, Co Leitrim

Contact Details:
[email protected] /
twitter @Martin_Kenny /
Facebook @martinkennysinnfein:

Party: Sinn Féin

Age: 50

Director of Elections:
Padraig Fallon

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Elected to the Dail in 2016, member of Leitrim Co Council for over 10 years.

Occupation: Public representative

Family Details: Married to Helen with four children

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

Member of local GAA Aughavas

Election Priorities:

Investment in rural communities, villages and towns

Delivery of a council-led house building programme and an increase in the supply of
affordable homes.

Rural families should be allowed to build a home on their own land.

Ending hospital waiting lists and overcrowding

More Gardai on our streets

Start planning now for a United Ireland

Why people should vote for you?:

A vote for me is a vote for a strong voice in the Dáil who will stand up for the north west.

It’s a vote to give families and workers a break and to increase the income and cut the bills of ordinary, hard working people.

What will you do if elected?:

I will work hard every day in the Dáil and in the constituency for the people of Leitrim, Sligo, north Roscommon and South Donegal. I will continue to table legislation aimed at improving the lives of the people I represent.

I will be a strong voice for fairness, equality and a better society. I will always be available to my constituents.

Name: Dr. Anne Mc Closkey.


Address: Waterside, Derry City

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]
Faebook: Aontu Sligo-Leitrim

Party/Non Party: Aontú

My children don’t even know that one.

Director of Elections 
Sally Mc Elistrom

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Deputy Leader of Aontú.

Long-standing human rights activist, with involvement in many community-based development, employment and mental health projects.

Gníomhaí ar son teanga agus cultúr na nGaeil.

Councillor for Aontú on Derry and Strabane District Council.

Medical Doctor, worked in Community Paediatrics and as a GP.

Family Details:
Married, four children now adults, and a good start made on the next generation with three grandchildren.

Election Priorities:
Aontú are a party that seeks the reunification of Ireland, for the benefit of all her people, protestant, catholic and dissenter. This island can only prosper as a single economy, without the duplication of services and infrastructure arising from the injustice of partition. We have a programme to promote this objective.

-We pledge to promote the protection of all life, for all of their lives, with practical support for parents and families to rear their children with confidence.

-We will promote balanced regional development, with the removal of the north-south and east- west inequalities across the island. We seek investment and infrastructure targeted towards this northwest region, to sustain rural communities, small towns and indigenous enterprise.

Why people should vote for you?:

We have proven integrity and commitment to our ideals. Despite being only in existence for only one year, without one cent of public funding, with the exclusion of our message from much of the national media, we are Ireland’s fastest-growing political movement, and are organised in almost every county.

We have a progressive vision for a better future, and we’re here to stay. Partition has failed, the political cartels on both sides of the border have failed, Aontú will build a bottom-up, people-powered movement to promote our aims of Life, Unity ad Economic Justice.

What will you do if elected?:
Help Aontú to keep the promises we have made to the Irish electorate. Promote the interests of the people of Donegal, Sligo Leitrim and Roscommon regionally and nationally.

Name: Eamon Scanlon


Address: Ballymote, Co Sligo

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /ScanlonEamon
Twitter: /EamonScanlonTD

Party: Fianna Fáil


Director of Elections :
Keith Henry

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Eamon was first elected as a TD in 2007. He lost his seat in the 2011 general election and was re-elected in 2016. He previously served as a Senator from 2002 to 2011 on the Agricultural Panel. He is the Fianna Fáil junior spokesperson on employment and small business. He was first elected to Sligo County Council in 1991.

Public Representative

Family Details:

Married with six children.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

St Attracta’s SVP Conference; INHFA; Beef Plan Sligo; Ballymote Community Park; Ballymote GAA

Election Priorities:
• Support our farmers by seeking simplified schemes that support income
• Provide proper funding to our local council services
• Investment for our national and regional road network to make us more competitive
• Equal job opportunities outside of Dublin
• Dignified living for the elderly and disabled with appropriate home help hours
• Environmental policies that are deliverable and sensible
• Proper educational and childcare supports for families
• Increased funding to our hospitals and frontline healthcare staff

Why people should vote for you?:

Since I was elected four years ago I think I’ve proven that I am a hard honest ground worker for this area. I’m involved in politics to help people and community groups access the funding and services that they are entitled to and deserve, and I’d like to think that in my years of public service that I have made a difference for people. In those years I’ve served in the Dáil, County Council and Senate therefore I’ve built up a lot of experience to assist the people of this area.

It is clear that we need strong and committed voices from our region in Dublin. As a father, businessman and with my background in agriculture I know and understand the challenges real people are facing at the moment. It’s important to elect someone who will continue to fight to get a fair share of government funding, investment and services in our area.

This government has promised much over the years but not delivered enough for the North West. We need people who can showcase the North West as a great place to work, live, visit and bring up a family. With your help I hope to deliver that message and I kindly ask for your NUMBER 1 vote or next available preference on polling day.

What will you do if elected?

If I am elected I have several main goals. Among my main priorities are to see a new REPs type scheme that will see money go directly into farmers pockets, to increase funding and access to education and childcare supports.

I also want to see environmental policies introduced that are deliverable and sensible and I want balanced regional tourism within our area. I believe we need equal job and housing opportunities outside of Dublin and will work with my party to ensure that we all get a bite of the cherry in this regard. We need to tackle the pension’s issue whereby people are forced onto jobseekers until they can claim their pension even after forty years work in some cases.

Within the first year and every year after the election I will continue to represent the people on the ground through the use of my constituency advice offices in Ballymote, Tubbercurry and Boyle as well as clinics throughout the area. Being open and accessible to the people is important all year round not just at election time.

Any additional information/Comment:

My message is to ask people to think has our area improved over the past nine years of Fine Gael led government to the same extent as Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork etc or have we been neglected? Are they happy with the hospital queues, trolley crisis, waiting lists for educational support? Are they happy with the demise of rural living through post office, rural pub and shop closures?

This is what we know has been delivered by the existing government. I’m asking the electorate to please give me their number one vote or next highest in order to provide an alternative to this and elect someone who will work night and day on their behalf both on the big issues and the private personal ones.

Sligo, Leitrim, North Roscommon and South Donegal needs and deserves experienced, committed and honest representation in Dáil Éireann and I believe I have and will offer that. If people want change in our health, housing, climate, farming, pensions, education and childcare crises then I believe they need to vote for it and I certainly will do my very best to influence change if elected.

Name: Mary O’Donnell


Address: Ballinameen, Boyle, Co Roscommon

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Facebook: Mary O’Donnell, Smart EMF; Stop 5G Science & Education;

YouTube: Mary O’Donnell;


Party/Non Party: Independent / non-party

Age: 51

Director of Elections: Myself

Political Career/Involvement to date:

1. Local Elections North Roscommon 2019 on the international scientist appeals and 137 #1 votes without canvassing [restricted ability to walk and stand, & unknown having been housebound].

2. Proposed by 3 councillors to speak at a ‘both sides’ 5G debate at RoscommonCoCo and furnished them with 4 world class experts: 2 international 5G telecommunications experts and 2 professors.

3. Proposed for the SPC on environment, mysterious circumstances rendered my form for nomination ‘too late’.

4. Connecting 5G Science to People: 15 months liaising between top international scientists and the people nationally and internationally on what is 5G and impacts of wireless technology radiation on health and biodiversity.

• Formerly part of a team of international scholars at Oxford University Press for special projects, while engaging paid PhD research at QUB. Previously briefly taught honours maths & science in Ireland and in the Middle East, & various types of jobs along the way including washing dishes, shops, TEFL.

• Adverse reaction just before graduating the PhD spent 15 years crawling out of the medical bin against the odds, nearly there when 5G ‘blanket radiation’ proposed. Had to take several practitioner level integrative health courses in herbs, nutrition, detox, mind body medicine and functional biochemistry, as I was beyond medical care and told I wouldn’t make it.

Family Details:

I’m proud my parents don’t have any degrees, it has kept me clear-headed on the importance of common sense and wisdom, that an education does not actually instil those qualities and they can’t be bought.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:
• Previously secretary of the Maths society, auditor of the Astronomy & Astrophysics Soc, founder of Saints & Scholars Society for which I was awarded Student of the Year for contribution to community life on campus, NUIG. Philosophy Prize QUB. Currently member of several online platforms including website building 12k followers, hobby study group at HUJI in biblical Hebrew and bible translation, several practitioner training health platforms, Irish Astronomical Society.

• Contributor to and creator of various online patient/practitioner platforms helping people navigate the science, solutions & resources within integrative medicine. Creator of Smart EMF and Stop 5G Science & Education

Election Priorities:
A safe environment for all, establish basic rights in a digital society:
1. Informed digital strategy, insight before oversight at decision making

2. Uphold the 2016 legislation on EMF risk assessment in every workplace that has a wifi network in Ireland.

3. Adhere to the 3 principles of the European Parliament/ Council of Europe guidelines in 2011 to our government: Reduce, Protect, Educate on wireless radiation
– Preference for wired over wireless internet
– Special provision for people with pacemakers, pregnant women, and vulnerable groups around wireless tech, including EHS sensitive people.
– Checks and monitoring of all wireless networks and devices e.g. currently some schools have oversized routers for size of classroom, currently 400,000 home wifi routers in this country are potentially exceeding their own safety limits.
– Public awareness campaigns e.g. the Berkeley ‘right to know’ phones exceed their own safety limits held at the ear, pregnancy e.g. baby safe project Yale; wifi routers; smart meter opt outs; etc

4. Masts legislation re-examined to include health effects and biodiversity impact, mast communities helped with ongoing surveys of health symptoms, measures to protect and monitor radiation levels within the home, and shielding and advanced diagnostic health tests periodically.

5. LED lights uphold advice from American Medical Association to councils on reduction of harm [people and wildlife suffering already.]

6. WIFI routers monitored for being over the limit, similarly antennae on masts – by independent inspectors.

7. ITRE EU report April 2019 stated 5G is not ready and potential for harm, e.g. aggregation of signals that cannot be tested in the lab, it also stated it wanted to deploy it faster and without opposition – so I call for upholding the constitution and international treaties on non-experimentation and proofing any legislation on removing people’s rights to protest.

8. Restoration of local democracy as when 8 councils voted to stop 5G they were ignored.

9. Evidence based peer reviewed science exists, it’s time to stop the information wars and tobacco science games, an Independent scientist consensus states no confidence in ComReg/ICNIRP guidelines therefore new safety levels needed for radio frequency radiation from wireless. Re-examination of the authority of bodies of 20 industry scientists such as ICNIRP calling themselves consensus and the last word. Removal of conflict of interest groups governing public safety. Respect for EHS sufferers.

10. People are entitled to choose to disconnect from 5G, not to be exposed, to have free zones and full access to nature, no mandatory exposure to 5G radiation for anyone.

11. Rethinking ‘solutions’ proposed by industry for ‘sustainable’ futures and climate and biodiversity crises such as wind turbines [see for alternatives], smart meters [admission of harm, opt out register kept secret, full disclosure], data consumes more electricity than anything else so a data-driven future makes no sense, proofing for conflicts of interest.

Why people should vote for you?:

1. Successive governments have ignored over 40 scientist and doctor appeals on rolling back wireless radiation since 1998, including a presentation on masts at the Oireachtas in 2006 by Irish people with severe health issues related to the masts some of whom were left homeless by them, similarly in 1999 when 3 garda stations went to court over masts and again in 1998 when Irish people also presented the science and their illness unable to live beside masts. Now the gigabit society vision that we did not vote in not only means a mast every 100m in urban areas and blanket radiation in rural and remote areas too, but a ‘smart meter’ rollout that has claimed tens of thousands of victims over the past 10 years in every other country that rolled them out – health issues not discussed, people and scientists dismissed, media censored. You need strong independents who can think for themselves, and who can see through unsafe ‘gigabit solutions to all our problems’ from rural development to so-called ‘sustainable’ energy solutions.

2. I’ve shown I put people, health and environment before profit, that I’ll stand up to and challenge governments, that I’ll take on even something as big as 5G and go against the popular trends if it’s the right thing to do for safety and if ANYONE at all is at risk.

3. I’ve got the aptitude and wide background training to research and talk to the independent experts and communicate the hard issues to our council and gov and the people. I’ve also spent a year in the trenches with the people on 5G not merely turning up for a couple of weeks before an election like established politicians tend to do.

4. I fell through the cracks in the system myself, bottom of the food chain, I know the failures of the health and social welfare system, bad housing, and yet have had to stomach the government with their lavish lifestyles saying they can’t afford to give someone help with seating, pressure relief, home care, etc.,

5. The principles I learned in turning around an impossible health situation apply to turning around our country’s desperate situation and turning around the massive failures and rapid decline.

6. I’m taking a stand that it’s people not industry to be the government’s priority across the entire range of industries, currently people do not have informed choice on many things that affect their lives and health because gov are protecting industry sales.

What will you do if elected?

1. Create a safe environment for all in terms of both electromagnetic fields and radiation and uphold basic rights in a digital society but also in terms of exposure to chemicals, and environmental medicine.

2. Full disclosure on lobby groups, equally represented by informed people groups and independent experts.

3. Stop the abuse of the legal system by government ministers to quickly push through bad legislation that serves industry.

4. Re-examine the telecom act on infrastructure that stole personal rights and denies people the right to object to masts on health grounds.

5. Local democracy must be restored

6. Policies that put the Irish people first not industry first, and that will include informed choice so the people drive industry and not vice versa

7. Stop the manipulation of our national media by government & industry

8. Address Google’s stated aim of ‘organizing’ information aka rewriting history and tech giants censoring information, return to books in education instead of reliance on wiki

9. Proper public consultation by councils, not the token effort we have

10. Proper consultation of experts in the community, inclusive of all experts

11. Educate the government and people on what broadband actually is, how to get it safely, including risk from neighbours routers.

12. Public awareness on basic EMF hygiene and what is 5G, as well as dirty electricity, magnetic fields from laptops, and electric fields.

13. Help for mast communities, EMF sensitive people, wifi-free zones, wifi-free nature.

Any additional information/Comment:

I am unable to canvass door to door in this election due to restricted ability to walk and stand. I’m in the ‘vulnerable’ group regarding sensitivity to radio frequency radiation and electric fields so like most others saying ‘stop 5G’, will be left in an impossible situation if they roll out 5G blanket radiation exposure in smart grids, smart villages, smart towns and smart countryside as well as connecting all daily items we use into an internet of radiating things.

Name: Marc McSharry


Address: Stephen Street, Sligo Town, Co. Sligo.

Contact Details:
[email protected]

Party/Non Party: Fianna Fáil

Age: 46

Director of Elections: Edel MacSharry

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Member of Dail Eireann Mar 2016 – Present
Spokesperson on Transport, Tourism and Sport
Member of the Public Accounts Committee.

• Member of Seanad Eireann 2011 – 2016
Fianna Fail Seanad Spokesperson for Health
Member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health
Member of the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission
Fianna Fail Seanad spokesperson for Public Expenditure
Member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Finance
Member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee of enquiry into the Banking Crisis

• Member of Seanad Eireann 2007 – 2011
Fianna Fail Seanad Party Spokesperson for Finance
Member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Finance

• Member of Seanad Eireann 2002 – 2007
Fianna Fail Seanad Party Spokesperson for the Marine
Member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee for the Marine and Natural Resources
Member of the Forum on Europe

Occupation: Full time politician

Family Details: 1 son, 2 daughters

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:
• Member of Fianna Fáil

Election Priorities:

Fianna Fáil’s aims are
1. Quality of life for every family
2. Owning your own home
3. Strong, vibrant & safe communities across Ireland
4. Delivering our climate change targets
5. Work for Ireland’s values on the global stage.

Why people should vote for you?:

• We must get a voice for Sligo-Leitrim-South Donegal-North Roscommon at the Cabinet Table. As Fianna Fail’s Transport, Tourism and Sport Spokesman, Marc will be that Minister. If elected he will promote this regions interests at every level of State and deliver more investment for badly needed infrastructure.

What will you do if elected?:

• Climate Change
Prioritise transition to sustainable public & private transportation. Incentivise micro-mobility & cycling. Expand housing retro-fit supports and sustainable energy initiatives. More R&D

• Health and Social Care
Reduce waiting lists. Prioritise Elderly, Disabled and children. Sligo University Hospital Extension. New Sheil Hospital to commence. Progress development of St Pats Hospital Carrick On Shannon. More Home Help, Nursing Home and Community Care support. Listen to & support health care professionals.

• Housing
State to drive social & affordable home building – encourage more private development. Research & promote rural planning solutions.

• Cost of Living
Lower Insurance premiums, increase child care support. Reduce rents, more social housing supports,

• Enterprise
IDA & Enterprise Ireland to prioritise available capacity in the North West, reduce the cost of doing business. Ability to pay clause for commercial rates

• Justice/Crime & Equality
Promote tolerance in achieving equality for all. New Garda HQ at Sligo, Armed response unit for North West, increase drug enforcement Gardaí, Fight Rural Crime, Enforce minimum sentencing.

• Youth Affairs
Increased support and investment for teenagers and younger children. Listen & act on concerns of young people including increase susi grant aid and reform qualification criteria

• Education
Recognise & Support Early years providers, Progress North West University of Technology at IT Sligo Develop St Angela’s College NUIG. Reduce Pupil Teacher Ratio, Pay equality & more SNA’s.

• Agriculture
Support Farming Families. Protection of Suckler herd, fair prices for produce. Balanced afforestation of native species and discontinue over-afforestation with invasive species in certain areas. Reduce administrative burden on supports. Animal Welfare.

• Transport & Infrastructure
Better Public Transport, Prioritise M4/N4 Carrick on Shannon by pass. N16/Manorhamilton bypass. Designation of N17/N15 as Trans European Network (TEN-T) from Galway via Sligo to Letterkenny with spur to Killybegs. More Resources for local roads. Increased resources for Rural Link. Rural Taxi insurance grant initiative.

• Tourism Arts Culture & Sport
Support tourism industry providers. Develop archaeological, marine & event Tourism. Increase Arts Funding, support all sports via targeted grants &champion best practice in governance and administration. Armada Interpretative Centre, Yeats Interpretive Centre.

• Taxation & Social Welfare
Progress fair design and application of taxation. Incentivise work and provide adequate supports / life pathways for long term unemployed.

Name: James Conway


Name: Sean Wynne


Name: Shane Ellis


John Perry