Claim that older Leitrim couple often without power because of local forestry

A Boyle publican complained to the ESB they lost business and food as a result of a power outage folwing on from Storm Ali last September.

Details of complaints made to ESB Networks by customers in Roscommon and Leitrim also reveal that the ESB removed a satellite dish from one of their poles as it was deemed a safety hazard.

Between July last year and January of this year, ESB networks received a total of 15 complaints from residents of Leitrim and Roscommon.


Outages and issues with supply make up the majority of the issues flagged with the, including a Boyle publican who claimed after Storm Ali that their premises was left without electricity for three days and they had lost of business and food as a result.

A Ballinamore resident also complained that due to a recent outage, their electric gates were now broken and they were seeking compensation as a reuslt.

One complaint was made on behalf of an elderly Leitrim couple, one of whom it was claimed was a former ESB employee.

They described being without power frequently as their transformer was in the middle of forest and the trees near it needed to be cut down.

They also claimed their electricity was off sometimes off for hours and days and the elderly man, who is blind, was left without a cooked meal

Another complaint from a householder in Carrick-on-Shannon detailed their “disgust” after their sky dish was taken down from near their home.

The ESB responded that the satellite dish was on an ESB pole and was removed as it was safety hazard.