Cabinet takes decision to increase funeral attendance to 25 again

The amount of people who can attend funerals is to be increased after a decision by the cabinet this morning.

Under level 5 restrictions it was due to be just 10 people – but will now be increased to 25 in line with weddings.

One of the big criticims of the level five measures had been limiting the amount of people who could attend funerals to 10, while weddings were allowed 25 people.

This morning the government reversed that at its cabinet meeting, increasing the number to 25 mourners at funerals.

A number of Fianna Fáil TDs had complained about the measure.

Equally some government TDs have asked Ministers to classify gyms as essential services to aid people’s physical and mental health.

Businesses across the country are preparing to close from midnight Wednesday with the loss of 150,000 jobs.

Cabinet Ministers have been meeting this morning to discuss the fallout and increased wage supports along with new fines.

Some opposition parties have been critical of the strategy being taken saying it will mean repeated lockdowns until there’s a vaccine.

The issue will dominate leaders questions in the Dáil later as more details of the restrictions and what they mean come into focus.