41 people declared as homeless in Leitrim last year

A total of 41 people, including 14 children, presented as homeless to Leitrim County Council last year.

The most common reasons were evictions, family disputes and domestic violence.

Details released under the Freedom of Information Act show there were 24 homeless presentations to Leitrim County Council in 2018 – 14 men, 13 women and 14 children.


Seventeen of these people, or four families, said the reason for being without a home was because they received a notice of termination of their tenancy from their landlord.

Twelve people said they were homeless because of a family dispute.

Five women and three children were on the streets because of domestic violence.

A man claimed he was homeless because of he was just released from prison, while three people were forced to leave their property because of fire damage.

The council provided B&B, hotel and hostel accommodation as required, at a cost of €3,500.