1,000 pre-historic tools found on Glencar lakeshore on Leitrim Sligo border

The very fine weather conditions at the beginning of summer has led to the discovery of up to 1,000 pre-historic tools on the shore of Leitrim’s Glencar lake.

While most of the lake lies in Leitrim it also has a small shoreline in Sligo where the discovery was made in June.

Marion Dowd who’s a lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology at Sligo IT was one of a group of people who were scouting for a picnic spot on the lakeshore in June when she noticed a stone tool lying on the ground.

The piece of lakeshore involved is normally submerged but it was visible in June due to the low level of the lake.

It’s thought the area where the stone pieces or “lithics” were found was also where the tools were made, and the stones found at Glencar are the small pieces which were chipped away during the making of the large implements.

The dry weather this summer also led to the discovery of a lugboat on the shores of a Roscommon lake.