Disputed charges among top complaints made to broadband providers in Shannonside region

Disputed charges were the main complaint made locally about broadband

111 complaints were logged with ComReg from customers in Cavan, Monaghan,
Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon since 2018.

That’s according to data released to Shannonside Northern Sound under the
Freedom of Information Act.

Complaints are lodged with the communications regulator if initial contact
with the service provider proves unsuccessful or unsatisfactory.

They are categorised under six headings; service issues, billing,
contractual issues, porting or switching service, installation and customer

Across the Shannonside Northern Sound region, billing saw the largest
proportion of complaints, with 38.

Within that, 18 were to do with disputed charges, with six people having
invoice issues, two having a refund or credit issues, and the rest
classified as other issues.

Billing accounted for a third of all complaints in four of the counties,
with it only making up a fifth of complaints in Longford.

31 of the 111 complaints were about service issues such as broadband speed
and a loss of service.

Only 16 per cent of Monaghan complaints were about service, but in the other
counties it was much more similar to billing.