Deal on Brexit needs to be carefully considered – Border Communities Against Brexit

The Taoiseach says the UK will always have a place at the table if it ever decides to return to the EU.

It comes after a Brexit deal was agreed this morning which would allow Britain to leave.

However there’s an uphill battle to get it passed in the House of Commons after the DUP said it would oppose the deal.

Commission President Jean Claude Juncker says there won’t be a Brexit extension if the UK doesn’t accept this deal.

Speaking on Let’s Talk today, Midlands North West MEP Luke Ming Flanagan says it’s a careful calculation for Boris Johnson – and indeed the DUP.

Meanwhile, Border Communities Against Brexit say there are still aspects of this deal that don’t bode well for the future of the economy in Northern Ireland.

JJ O’Hara who runs a B&B in Leitrim says the details that emerge in the next few days will have to be considered.

Also speaking on Let’s Talk, he says even leaving the North in an ongoing temporary situation will not provide for the stability that potential investors would need.