Concern at possible 24 month delay to develop Lough Funshinagh pipe solution

There’s mixed reaction to progress on minimising flooding at Lough Funshinagh in south Roscommon.

All stakeholders including Roscommon County Council, the OPW, the National Parks and Wildlife Service agree that pipes need to be installed to draw water away from the flooded turlough.

However, the local authority which is to begin the survey and planning work, says it may take up to two years before any construction begins.

The lake now is at its highest level and is over 21 inches higher than it was this time in 2016; one home has already been flooded and up to eight pumps are operating to protect other properties.

Councillor Laurence Fallon who lives close to the flooded area says two years’ time may be too late for some homes and livelihoods: