Athlone gardai warning public about A4 black Audi following recent thefts

Gardaí in Athlone are warning the public that a black Audi car believed to have been used by a number of people involved in recent burglaries in the area was spotted again in the town overnight.

Homes in the Barrymore and Woodlawns area of Kiltoom, as well as In Athlone and the general midlands area are believed to have been targeted by thieves in the last couple of weeks.

A significant amount of jewellery and cash has been taken from the houses by thieves, who also robbed one houses while the residents were at home.

Gardaí in Athlone say the A4 Black Audi car with a number of occupants was spotted by a patrol car in the Woodville area on the outskirts of Athlone town yesterday evening but the Audi was then driven at dangerously high speeds out onto the motorway.

Gardaí say the plates being put on the car are very likely false and they are asking people to be on the lookout for an A4 Black Audi , particularly if it’s seen been driven or parked in a suspicious manner.