61 deaths and 2,488 new cases of the virus confirmed today-29 locally.

29 new cases of Covid-19 have been identified throughout Roscommon, Longford and Leitrim this evening, with 2,488 cases confirmed nationwide.

A further 61 deaths have also been announced today, with 58 of these occurring in January.

Roscommon has recorded 12 new cases of the virus and 11 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Longford.

While in Leitrim, 6 cases of Covid-19 have been identified.

Nationally, Dublin has recorded 726 of today’s cases, with 314 in Cork and 148 in Galway.

85 additional hospitalisations in the past 24 hours have resulted in there being 1,923 COVID-19 patients in Irish public hospitals today.