James McClean receives apology after Belfast councillor falsely referred to him as a “super Provo”

James McClean is to receive damages from a Belfast councillor who falsely referred to him as a ‘super Provo’.

The Republic of Ireland footballer has also received an apology.

Last November, UUP councillor Christopher McGimpsey appeared on BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show and during a debate he referred to James McClean as being a ‘super Provo’.


The footballer’s lawyers told Belfast High Court, the remarks were then repeated and the focus of commentary on social media.

A barrister for Christopher McGimpsey told the court he didn’t intend to communicate that there was any affiliation between Mr McClean and the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

He said the statement was made in the heat of the moment and without taking adequate care to consider the implications of those words.

The court heard the councillor accepts the statement was false and completely inaccurate.

He will now pay damages to the footballer and his legal costs and has also unreservedly apologised for any distress and embarrassment caused.

The amount of damages will be determined at a later date.