High Court to deliver judgement in Sean Gallagher case next month

The High Court will deliver its judgement next month on whether Sean Gallagher’s legal action against RTÉ should be dropped.

The businessman is suing the broadcaster over a televised debate he took part in during the 2011 Presidential election campaign.

He’s also seeking damages arising from comments allegedly made in relation to what’s since been dubbed ‘Tweetgate’.



RTÉ claims he failed to comply with orders to disclose certain information it feels is relevant to its case, including emails and certain documents.

It dismissed claims the information required was “irrelevant” and said Mr. Gallagher’s failure to disclose it was “manifestly prejudicial” to their defence.

At a previous hearing, Mr. Gallagher’s barrister accepted there had been issues with the disclosure of material but that they’d since been addressed.

Mr. Justice David Keane said he’ll deliver his judgement on Feb 10th.