Facebook and Twitter ordered to remove any material identifying Ana Kriegel murderers

Facebook and Twitter have been ordered to take down any material that might identify the two boys convicted of Ana Kriegel’s murder.

Gardaí also issued a warning earlier today about the consequences of breaching provisions dealing with the issue in the Children Act.

Just after lunchtime yesterday, the two boys were convicted of murdering 14yo Ana Kriegel at a derelict farmhouse in Lucan on May 14th 2018.

One of them was also convicted of aggravated sexual assault.

Both of them are also 14yo and their identities were protected throughout the lengthy trial by order of the court and by law.

That protection remains in place for the rest of their lives and nothing can ever be published which identify or tend to identify them.

Following concerns raised by BOY B’s lawyers that such material was being posted and shared online, a High Court judge has ordered representatives from Facebook and Twitter to come before his court tomorrow.

Mr. J Michael White also made an order for the social media giants to take down any material which identifies them.

The court has unlimited powers of imprisonment and fine for contempt of court and a person can also be jailed for up to three years if they break the relevant law in the Children Act.