Court hears distressing testimonies at Longford kidnap and rape trial

Garda-sign-from-PixabayA Longford man has told a jury how he answered his door to a woman in the middle of the night who claimed she had been kidnapped by her former partner.

The woman’s partner is accused of abducting and raping the woman after she obtained a barring order against him.



The Central Criminal Court has heard from a witness who told prosecuting counsel that he answered the door in the early hours of Sunday November 8, 2015 to find a woman in a very distressed state.

The woman was crying and told the man that someone was after her. She gave him her name and asked him to ring the gardaí.

The man made her a cup of tea and turned the lights off at the front of the house to make it look like no one was home while they waited for the gardaí to arrive . He said the woman was spilling her tea because she was shaking so much and she had make-up streaked across her face and had hand-marks on her neck.

The details were heard during the continuing trial of man who has pleaded not guilty to rape, false imprisonment, breaching a barring order and production of an article in November 2015 and four counts of assault causing harm between 2011 and 2015.

She told the jury she decided to leave him for good after he threatened to “put the teeth down your throat” when she asked if she could go to the gym.

He later allegedly abducted her from her sister’s house and held her in a friend’s house overnight where he raped her. She said she managed to escape when he fell asleep.

The trial continues before Ms Justice Carmel Stewart and a jury.