Conservatives claims huge victory in UK General Election while Labour crumbles

Boris Johnson has claimed a huge victory in the UK’s general election, taking seats from Labour in its heartlands.

The Conservatives secured their majority at around five o’clock this morning when they crossed the threshold of 326 seats.

The exact margin of the Tory majority will be decided as the final results come in this morning – but it could be as many as 86.


The British Prime Minister says they’ve now got a “powerful new mandate to get Brexit done.”

It was a disastrous night for the Labour Party, with Jeremy Corbyn saying he won’t stand again as leader in any future election campaign.

His party is set for its lowest number of seats since 1935.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to the SNP, which has become the dominant force in Scotland.

And in Northern Ireland, the DUP’s Westminster leader Nigel Dodds lost the seat he has held since 2001 to SF’s John Finucane.