Alleged sexual assault case against comedian Al Porter dropped by DPP

Al Porter has denied any wrongdoing in relation to a sexual assault allegation, which the DPP has decided not to prosecute.

The well-known entertainer, who’s 26, spoke to the media outside court this afternoon after the case against him was dropped.

Al Porter, whose real name is Alan Kavanagh, was accused of sexually assaulting a young man in a Dublin venue three years ago.

An order prohibiting the media from identifying him was lifted after the judge struck out his case today.

Counsel for the DPP told Judge John Hughes that the prosecution wasn’t proceeding and simply asked him to strike the charge out.

Mr. Porter briefly sat in the dock before returning to the public gallery where he was embraced by his mother.

This was his third court appearance in relation to the matter, but up until now the media was prohibited from naming or identifying him in any way.

However, that order was lifted today without objection.

Judge Hughes did order that nothing be said or written that would lead someone to identify the now-former complainant.

He also ordered the media not to reveal the exact date or location of the alleged incident.

Afterwards, Mr. Porter said he felt vindicated by the DPP’s decision.