Accuser of two Irish rugby players tells court details of alleged rape slipped her mind due to trauma

The woman who claims she was raped by two Ireland rugby players says some details slipped her mind afterwards because the rape was so traumatic.

She claims Paddy Jackson first raped her in his Belfast home in June 2016 before his Ulster teammate Stuart Olding forced himself on her.

Brendan Kelly, defence barrister for Paddy Jackson, spent some time questioning the woman about why she didn’t tell her friends, medical staff at the clinics she attended and the police when she first contacted police about a woman walking into the room while she was allegedly being raped.


She said she felt this was “secondary” and the woman came in after she’d been raped. She said she didn’t feel the need to give her friends a blow-by-blow account and was being bombarded with questions in the clinics.

She said the rape itself was so traumatic and it obviously slipped her mind when she first went to the police, but she insisted she didn’t leave it out on purpose.

The court heard earlier this week that it’s anticipated she will tell the jury the woman didn’t seem distressed and she didn’t feel she had just witnessed a rape.

When asked why she hadn’t mentioned the oral sex allegation against Mr. Olding to her friends or medical staff, she said she didn’t think that constituted rape.

The woman’s cross examination will resume tomorrow morning.