Longford Tesco workers vow to strike indefinitely

Workers in the Tesco store in Longford town are vowing to continue their strike indefinitely.

For the fourth successive day, staff are picketing outside the supermarket, with a total of 16 stores nationwide closed today.



The dispute centres on proposed changes to some contracts for employees hired before 1996.

One of those striking outside the Longford store today was Padraig McKenna, who has worked there for the past 36 years.

He feels his job is in jeopardy:

Seamus Mahady is only ten years with the company, but he still feels he could face a wage-cut:

Several Longford councillors attended today’s strike as a show of support.

Independent Mae Sexton was one of them:

A number of shoppers continued to cross the picket line today, with the store remaining open.

In a statement, Tesco describes the strike as ‘irresponsible’, especially given it has agreed to the Mandate trade union’s request for a meeting to resolve the dispute.