Campaigners of glyphosate ban hopeful of Leitrim support

Supporters of a petition to ban glyphosate are hopeful Leitrim county council will agree to ban its use in all areas of the county shortly.

The chemical, which is found in dozens of well-known weedkillers, has been the subject of several worldwide campaigns to try and have it banned as it is alleged that it is harmful to the environment.

An online petition calling on Leitrim county council to ban the product has reached 538 signatures of its intended target of 600.


At the council’s last full meeting in July, a motion from councillor Justin Warnock to ban the chemcial form being used on crops was agreed by members and the meeting was told that glyophosate is not currently used on public property in the county.

Responding to the petition, Leitrim County council said it has regard to the national legislative provisions in place that govern the use of pesticides and the Council has no further comment to make on the petition to ban the use of glyphosate’

Kila band member Rossa o Snodaigh lives in north Leitrim and is a supporter of a ban on the use of the weedkiller in the county

He told Shannonside FM he’s hopeful that Leitirm can take a stance on glyphosate, similar to the one it took on fracking…..