Coveney staying coy on replacing Kenny as FG leader

Simon Coveney says he is not working on the assumption that there will be an imminent challenge to Enda Kenny for the leadership of Fine Gael.

But the Housing Minister says the party does need to have a conversation soon about preparing for a general election.

Enda Kenny himself is getting on with the job as Taoiseach, saying he’s feeling “absolutely wonderful”.



Fine Gael’s divided on how Enda Kenny will depart as Taoiseach.

European Affairs Minister Dara Murphy thinks the Taoiseach should be in place for the two years of Brexit talks.

But backbenchers think he needs to go sooner – Noel Rock doesn’t believe the Taoiseach wants to be ousted in a confidence motion at the party:

Simon Coveney believes while the party needs to be election ready, Enda Kenny won’t be rushed into anything.